Tilt Mag

Tilt is a digital magazine with a difference. Their goal is to provide the tools and support for social entrepreneurs to do what they do best - create change. 

Working closely with the Tilt team, we created a strong, consistent identity which will evolve as the magazine does.



As Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network, Seed is building a movement of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people taking action on climate change. Working closely with Seed, we created an identity to echo the diversity and vibrancy of the young people fighting for a just and sustainable future.

Photography: Jeff Tan

Switched on Schools

Switched on Schools educates and empowers high school students to take meaningful action on climate change.

Working closely with developer Agency, we created an online platform allowing students to create and manage their own online advocacy campaigns.


For the love of

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk from coal port expansion and climate change. ‘For the love of’ is a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, asking participants to go without something they love to raise funds to protect the Reef and our climate.

Crafting a brand that works seamlessly across the site, printed collateral and social media was an essential element of the campaign, raising more than $145,000 to protect the Reef.